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What is DM?: an open-source DH platform for open-access workspaces, projects, collaborations, and scholarly publications

The premise of DM is simple: if you have a collection of digital images and texts, then you should be able to develop a project where you can identify specific moments on these images and texts, annotate them as much as you want, link them together, generate searchable content, collaborate with your friends, and publish your work online for others to see and share.
DM was developed on the Heroku cloud-server platform, where installation and administration is straightforward,
after which developing individual projects requires no specific IT expertise. Keep scrolling to learn more.


Mark up your image and text documents with highlights you can then annotate and link together. Identify discrete

moments on images and texts with highlight tools including dots, lines, circles, rectangles, other polygons, text tags, and multiple color options.


Develop your projects and publications with an unlimited number of annotations on individual highlights and entire images and texts. Highlights and entire documents can host an unlimited number of annotations, and annotations themselves can host additional annotation layers.


Once you've marked up your text and image documents with highlights and annotations, you can create links between individual highlights and entire documents, and your links are always bi-directional, so you and other viewers can travel back and forth between highlights.

3 tools + You =


Three simple tools, entire digital worlds of possible networks and connections with which to build and develop your own DH projects and publications.

Interested in installation and technical requirements?

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