Setting up your own DM instance

"some assembly required"                              

To begin developing individual projects on DM, you need to have access to an already existing instance of the platform, or install the open-source platform software on a server. Installation requires IT network/system administration expertise, but afterward developing individual projects requires no specific IT expertise.

The latest software version (DM 2.0) was developed to be deployed on the Heroku cloud-server platform, using Amazon S3 Bucket to store image data, but the software can also be modified run and store on a local disk, with additional customizing work.

Requirements: DM 2.0 is a single page React application backed by a Ruby on Rails server running a Postgres database. It uses ActiveStorage for image uploads and ImageMagick for image processing. It includes out the box support for storing images on Amazon S3. It also utilizes the SendGrid service for outbound SMTP. It has been developed within the Heroku ( environment but has no Heroku specific dependencies. Instructions for installing DM 2.0 on both Heroku or a local server may be found on the DM 2.0 GitHub page, along with issue tracking and new releases. Please note: DM 2.0 is currently in open beta, with a few bugs being fixed before final release in February of 2020.

If you wish to modify DM 2.0 to run locally, DM's developer, Performant Software Solutions, is available for contract to consult and/or work on the necessary customization.