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DM v2.1 Known Issues and Work Arounds

"onward and upward"                              

The 2021 development cycle for DM v.2.1 addressed a number of performance and feature issues. Below are lists of known issues and possible workarounds. If you encounter an issue you don't find here, then please be in touch!



Known Issues for Project Editors:

• Deleting a document that was the parent for annotations then deletes all the annotations associated with it, even if these annotations are subsequently linked to other documents. Work around: if a project needs to delete a primary document, any annotations created from that document will also be deleted. If editors wish to keep these annotations because they have been subsequently linked to other items in a project, these annotations will need to be remade before the primary document is deleted, by copying their text to an annotation that is associated with a different parent document. Expected to be addressed in v.3 development.

• On installation of a DM server, the email notification system for adding new collaborators requires an external application such as SendGrid or Postmark. Some projects have reported that issues with SendGrid's spam filters have led to situations where email notifications were not sent. Projects using Postmark have not experienced such issues and so using Postmark is recommended. For more information on this issue see and


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