v2.0 Known Issues and Work Arounds

"onward and upward"                              

The project is currently fundraising and preparing for development work of software v2.1 to fix known issues for project viewers and editors. Other issues are in line for fixes in v3.0. Below are lists of known issues and work arounds in v.2.0. If you encounter an issue you don't find here, then please be in touch!

Known Issues for Project Viewers:

• When so many documents are opened that multiple rows display off screen, highlight windows may display incorrectly, jumping to the top of the screen or even off screen. Work around: product testing reveals that displaying more than three rows of documents often leads to this issue. You can change the layout of the project workspace to include more items per row, or close items to display no more than three rows. Expected to be fixed in v.2.1 update.

• When an image document displaying at a high magnification is opened multiple times, the image demagnifies a certain percentage; after successive opening and closing of items next to the document, the image will eventually end up at 0% magnification. Work around: if this is an issue for a particular image display, select a layout option so that the row containing the image is already full, and there is an item also open already in the row below it. Or selection the layout option of 1x1. Expected to be fixed in v.2.1 update.


• The magnification slider for very large images may respond slowly and/or reset the magnification position. On very large images, communication between the graphic interface and OpenSeadragon image management may lead to slow responses for zooming and the slider position and/or magnification adjustment. Work around: this function improves after larger images are fully loaded into memory. Moving the slider to a desired position and holding it here for a moment allows the display of larger images to catch up. Additionally, use trackpad or mouse zooming functionality for alternative methods of increasing or decreasing the magnification of an image display. Expected to be addressed in v.2.1 update.


• Moving primary text documents around in the frame display may reset the text display to the top of the document. Work around: arrange items in the frame display to desired arrangement before scrolling through them. Expected to be fixed in v.2.1 update.



Known Issues for Project Editors:


• When a project is closed quickly after making a final edit to a text document, this final edit may not save. Work around: before closing a project, ensure that all items are checked back in; leave the project open for an extra minute before closing to ensure all local changes have been communicated to the server version. We strongly recommend against individually checking back in documents individually after you are finished editing them—instead we recommend using the complete project check-in button to check back in all project documents after you've finished your editing session. Expected to be fixed in the v.2.1 update.

• Deleting a document that was the parent for annotations then deletes all the annotations associated with it, even if these annotations are subsequently linked to other documents. Work around: if a project needs to delete a primary document, any annotations created from that document will also be deleted. If editors wish to keep these annotations because they have been subsequently linked to other items in a project, these annotations will need to be remade, by copying their text to an annotation that is associated with a different parent document. Expected to be fixed in v.3.0.


• Users can temporarily edit highlight titles in documents that are not checked out to be edited. While it appears the title text is being changed, closing and reopening the highlight window reveals no changes were made. Work around: ensure the document is checked out before editing highlight titles. Expected to be addressed in v.3.0.


• Local uploading of an image occasionally results in sideways or doubled display. This appears to be the result of OpenSeadragon having trouble with metadata associated with images taken on mobile devices and/or from files edited or cropped in graphic editing programs. Work around: open the image up in a graphic program such as Preview, and reduce the image size by 1 pixel. Then save this image as a new JPEG file and upload again. Expected to be addressed in v.3.0.

• When text is selected for editing, and then re-formatted, the highlighting of the selection disappears, thought the text remains selected. Work around: the text remains selected even though the selection highlight disappears; changes to the text can be continued to be made, or the text can be reselected. Expected to be fixed in the v.2.1 update.


• Closing a highlight window quickly after editing its title crashes the project display. Work around: reload the project—despite the crash, the text change may have saved. When editing highlight titles, always wait for the cursor to flash a few times before closing the window. Expected to be fixed in the v.2.1 update.

• Having two versions of the same document open and editing one at times results in misalignment and freezing of the document. Work around: close and reopen document. Expected to be fixed in v.2.1 update.

• Underline key command (CMD-U) at times does not function. Work around: use the underline text formatting button instead. Expected to be addressed in v.2.1 update.