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completely open-source,

browser-based software

To begin developing individual projects on DM, you need to have access to an already existing instance of the platform, or install its software on a server. Installation requires IT network/system administration expertise, but afterward developing individual projects requires no specific IT expertise.

DM v2 was developed on the Heroku cloud-server platform, and is easiest to set up there. But the program includes no specific Heroku dependencies and can also be set up locally, although additional work customizing the program for a local disk server is required.

DM v2 is also set up to use Amazon S3 Bucket to store image data, but can be modified to store images on a local disk, again with additional customizing work. For more information and options for installation, visit our system requirements page.

What else can you find on our website?

Here you can

explore our collection of showcase projects and see what other people have already been developing.

You can also take a look at help guide tutorial materials we've put together

for project viewers

and creators.

For more information about installation, you can visit our

install details page where you can find details about the software and install.

Also be sure to visit our contact page where you can learn more about who we are and find links to our social media.

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