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Navigating Image Documents
  1. Click and drag an image to move the image inside its document window. Additionally, you can use the "WASD" or arrow keys to move an image sideways, up or down. 

  2. You can also click and drag the "red box" area in the thumbnail image in the top-right corner of the image document window, and the image display will move accordingly inside the document window.

  3. You can also click to select any location on the thumbnail image to recenter the image display on the location of the image inside the document window:

Magnifying Image Documents
  1. Click and drag the solid, circular scroll-grabber button on the vertical scroll bar on the left-side of the image document window to magnify the image display.

  2. You can also click to select anywhere on the left-side scroll bar to jump to a specific magnification.

  3. With the image document window selected, you can also use your trackpad to magnify and demagnify the image display.

Navigating Image Layers

If an image has multiple layers to display, navigation tools for the layers will automatically display. You can page through them using the navigation arrows or use the drop down to go directly to a layer.

Expand the video below to full screen for best view of the navigation interface.

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