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Opening Internal Project Links
  1. Rolling over a highlight on an image or text document will preview its highlight window including links to other highlights or entire documents.

  2. Click on the highlight to open its highlight window to access the links.

  3. Click on any link in the highlight window to open the linked document in your project workspace; if the link is to another highlight on the same document, then a second version of the document will open.

  4. Clicking on a link to an individual highlight in a text or image document will open that document and navigate directly to that highlight, with the highlight distinguished by a surrounding blue halo:


  5. You can also roll over the page-shaped "link" icon in the top-left corner of any document to preview a document-level highlight window that includes the links of all the document's highlights:

Viewing External Web Links

External web links in text documents will display according to your browser’s default settings for new or previously visited web links. You can click on an external web link to open the web page in a new tab in your browser.

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