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Layers in DM
DM 2.1 now has the ability to add image layers to any existing image object. The same highlights on the original image will then also display on all of the layers. Users can navigate through layers on a single object display, or open up multiple displays of different layers for comparison. Editors can also layer images of different objects to produce a document that one may "page" through. 

Note: variations of the same image for layers need to be the same pixel dimensions and resolution in order to display with the same alignment with respect to highlights. Editors will need to align such images in advance, prior to adding them to a DM image object.  

Adding Layers:

1. Check out the image you wish to add a layer to
2. Click on the add layers icon (see image below)
3. Choose the image to upload as you would a normal image. Note: images from local uploads, IIIF, or URLs can all be added as a layer
Add Layers.jpg
 Edit layer titles:

1. You can customize the title of each layer by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the layer title. 
Edit Layers.jpg
2. Once you have edited the title, click on the green check mark that appears to the right of the title to save it. You must do this for each layer title you wish to edit. 
Saving Layers.jpg
 Change the order of layers:

1. To move a displayed layer up or down in the order of the layers, in the image toolbar, click on the up or down layer icons to the left of the layer title.  
Move Layers.jpg
 Delete a layer:

1. To delete a layer, in the image toolbar, click on the "x" icon to the left of the layer title.  
Delete Layers.jpg
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