Editing Text Highlights
Unfortunately DM 2.0 doesn't include the same array of text-highlight editing tools as it does image-highlight editing tools. Version 2.1 (expected fall 2020) will support improved text-highlight editing features.
Deleting a Text Highlight:
  1. Use your cursor to select the highlight you’d like to delete—as you would highlight text in order to copy and paste it (note you'll have to "check out" the document to delete highlights).

  2. You may have to click to open the highlight window and move it so you can get a clear shot to select the specific underlying text of the highlight.

  3. Click the trash-can shaped “Remove Highlight” button on the right-hand side of the toolbar at the top of the document window.

  4. Or, you may also select the highlight you'd like to delete and then use the delete key function on your keyboard to erase the highlighted text.

  5. Or, you may also select the text highlight you'd like to delete, use the text copy function on your keyboard, and then simply use the "paste without formatting" function to replace the highlighted text with the plain unhighlighted text—effectively stripping the highlight formatting.

  6. You will be asked to confirm the highlight deletion.

Deleting Annotations and Links from a Highlight:

  1. Click to select a highlight to open its highlight window.

  2. Click the “x” button on the right-hand side of the title of the annotation or link you’d like to delete from the highlight.

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