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Organizing Documents in the Table of Contents
DM 2.0 includes folder and sub-folder organization features that allow you to organize your primary documents in the Table of Contents menu in multiple folder and sub-folder layers.
Creating a Folder:

To create a new folder click the “New Folder” button at the top of the project Table of Contents menu. The new folder will appear in the Table of Contents menu. You can double click to select the folder title text to type or paste new title text for the folder.

Opening a Folder:

Click the arrow icon on the left-hand side of a folder to open the folder, displaying its document and sub-folder contents. Click the icon again to close the folder.

Organizing Documents in Folders:

To move one document or folder into another folder, click and hold the link icon on right-hand side of the document or folder in the project Table of Contents menu and drag it into the desired folder.

Moving Documents and Folders in the Table of Contents:

To move documents and folders in the project Table of Contents menu, click, hold and drag the document or folder to desired positions. To move documents and sub-folders inside an individual folder, click, hold and drag the documents or sub-folder inside the individual folder.

Deleting Folders:

To delete a folder, simply open it and then click on the trashcan icon to the right of the folder title. 

(new to v.2.0.4): only project collaborators with admin privileges may delete a folder. Users with read/write privileges may not delete a folder.

Moving Docs
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