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Formatting and Editing Text

DM 2 includes an expanded text toolbox that supports a number of formatting options, including text color, size, font and style (bold, italics, underline and strikethrough), line spacing, indenting, block quotations, horizontal line inserts, bullet and number lists, and margin setting. Additionally, users can add columns, tables and insert and resize images. 

Once you've checked out a text document, the text editing toolbar will appear at the top of the document.

Note:  if the frame for the text document is smaller than the width of the text toolbar, use the "..." icon to access additional editing features. 


The "delete highlight" button (trash can icon) is always under the "..." icon.


Text Toolbar.png


• DM 2 supports and displays standard unicode characters, including combining diacriticals. For less standard unicode characters, specific fonts may need to be installed on the viewer's computer to display correctly

• With DM 2.1, you can now copy and past text from document to document and preserve highlights and links as well. 

• It is possible to also paste and display other kinds of formatted text from other sources (such as Google Docs), though this feature is not explicitly supported in DM 2. 

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