Formatting and Editing Text

DM 2.0 includes a limited array of familiar text formatting tools. Version 2.1 (expected fall 2020) will support improved text formatting features, including an expanded text toolbox with interface and support for margins, justifications, columns, table formats, text colors, font sizes and types, strikethrough text, hard return line inserts, tab spacing/indentation, and line spacing.


In DM 2.0 you can use your cursor to select a string of text and click to perform one of the bold, italics, or underline functions located at the text toolbar at the top of your text document:

You can also include bullet points or numbered lists of text using the bullet points or numbered lists functions on the right-hand side of the text toolbar:

You can change the size of text using the dropdown text size menu titled “Normal” by default in the center of the text toolbar where you can choose from four text sizes—small, normal, large, and huge:

NOTE: copying and pasting text from document to document inside a DM 2.0 project will preserve most text formatting, but it will not preserve text highlights.